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Home » 7 Tips To Maintain Your flat roof Shed
Even though a properly installed and maintained flat roof shed in Puyallup, WA can last for many years, claiming that they never require maintenance would be misleading. The roofs of our homes and buildings are subject to the worst weather conditions because a traditional pitched roof does not protect them.

Despite their benefits, flat roofs can face a number of problems, and it’s crucial to recognize some of them and understand what you can do to resolve them. Some problems, such as a blocked drain, are relatively easy to fix from atop a ladder, but if you’re unsure, call a professional shed builder near me in Tacoma, WA, immediately!


Common Maintainance Issues in flat roof Sheds


Ponding Water

Sheds with flat roofs often need the proper drainage to let precipitation runoff. There is usually a slight slope on flat roofs to allow for drainage, but sometimes this slope could be more natural and cause problems. Rainwater accumulates on the roof in standing ponds as a result. A roof pondering water will eventually sag and leak as the water weighs it down.


Most flat roofs shed problems are caused by exposure. It is inevitable for a building’s roof to suffer damage from the elements since it is constantly exposed to the sun and other factors. Even the most durable roofing materials cannot last forever.

Issues with the Flat roof shed in Tacoma, WA, include overexposure to sunlight, lightning strikes, freezing, hail, and wind damage or debris driven by the wind. Restaurant oil damage and exposure to pollutants and chemicals from the outside are even less common exposure issues.


Structural Movement

Thermal movement occurs when a building’s envelope expands or contracts due to temperature changes. The roofing assembly and the entire structure of the building may move due to this natural occurrence.

The interior temperature of commercial buildings is often much different from outside temperatures when they are cooled from the inside. Around penetrations, seams, and other flashing details on flat roof shed membranes, excess movement causes them to crack and split. 


Tips to Maintain Flat Roof Sheds


Roof debris must be kept off


A flat roof accumulates debris on its surface due to its structure. Many things accumulate on the roof, including trees lining the street and pollution that floats through the air. Winter months are especially important for this. Snow piles make it easy for debris to accumulate under the shingles, which increases the roof’s weight and causes further damage.


Regularly check the drainage


Flat roofs do not actually consist of flat surfaces, as the name suggests. This building is built so that water can drain off the roof of the house through the roof gutter system or some other type of centralized draining system positioned at a slight angle. 

Even though they come with this additional feature to aid in water drainage, flat roofs are still less efficient than sloped roofs when it comes to the drainage of rain and snow. A few roofing products by shed builder near me in Puyallup wa can help you keep your roof dry, such as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), a synthetic rubber roofing membrane, and fiberglass, so you can prevent leaks from occurring in your home, thereby preventing costly repairs.


Ensure leaks are repaired promptly

Maintaining your drainage system and keeping your flat roof shed clean is only one part of the puzzle. Keep an eye out for any rips or punctures in the roofing material regularly. There is a possibility of leaks arising from a tear in the roofing membrane, regardless of the roof’s material. 

A flat roof shed is typically constructed by a shed builder in Tacoma wa with more than one layer of your chosen roofing material, but monitoring it closely as the roof ages is still necessary. During the colder months, keep an eye on your roof. As a result of winter damage, leaks are common unless they are addressed immediately.


Avoid putting unnecessary weight on the roof


The sinking of flat roofs is one of the most common problems homeowners face. This is a common problem in older roofs with weakened materials and poorly maintained roofs. 

The seal coating on your flat roof can also be damaged by excess weight. You should consider the weight of heavier objects before you come up with a full outdoor renovation for your home, as these are likely to depress the roof over time.


Final Words


We at South Sound Structure take pride in the proven track record we have built over the years regarding successful projects and happy customers. To the tiniest detail, we will ensure the plans for your roof design are followed meticulously from beginning to end. The expert finish of our shed builder in Puyallup wa ensures no standing water issues, leaks, surface damage, or inappropriate fittings. Maintaining and inspecting your roof regularly will ensure its long-term health and prevent expensive replacements in the future. 

We would be happy to provide you with more information about the installation and maintenance of a flat roof shed or a free quote for your project by the South Sound team. We’re ready to help.