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More than just an idea; a few plants are needed to create a lovely backyard retreat. Your garden requires a lot of labor to keep it planted and maintained properly, so you’ll need various tools and supplies to get the job done. Everything needs to be stowed, including shovels, rakes, garden hoes, lawn mowers, snow blowers (for the winter), bags of soil, clay pots, plastic pots, and more. Nothing spoils a lovely backyard like a collection of tools or dirtbags scattered across the lawn or in a corner. The solution to your issue can be a wonderfully constructed garden shed that is made to store your things and look aesthetically beautiful.


Some Common Features of Shed

Some common features include:

Structural Soundness

Only the building’s skeleton (frame) may last indefinitely. If the building supporting a shed is of poor quality, it may appear beautiful from the outside but will not last long. Pay particular attention to the shed’s frame’s finer points. At South Sound Structures, we are among the best custom shed builder in Puyallup, WA, and offer high-quality framing features to ensure that our structures last for many years.


It has a direct bearing on structural integrity. Typically, a heavy-duty shed will have a robust frame and be used for storage. You don’t want a lightweight flat roof shed in Puyallup, WA. A building made of light materials will only withstand weak winds. We all know that WA frequently features stronger winds than usual.

Make sure to use real lumber, strong floor, roof sheeting, and high-quality siding on the shed to stand a chance against the weather.

A Durable Roof Covering

If custom shed builders in Tacoma, WA, want to lower their prices, one area where they can readily cut corners is the roofing material. There are different types of roofing metals and shingles. Shingles and metal come in a variety of designs and quality levels. It is simple to conceal because cheap metal and shingles initially appear fine. When purchasing a barn shed in Tacoma, WA, be sure to enquire about the guarantee and the caliber of the roofing materials.

Architectural shingles are the default choice for our shingled roofs. We have discovered that using quality architectural shingles rather than conventional 3-tab shingles is worthwhile. Architectural shingles last longer and perform better in strong winds. Find out what gauge of metal is used for roofing if you’re using metal. The metal is stronger the lower the gauge. 

A sturdy, long-lasting roof material will guard your shed construction against deterioration by keeping the frame safe and dry.

Designed for Heat

Storage sheds and the goods inside suffer damage from prolonged exposure to heat. Heat causes things to expand, and as a result, over time, the materials that make up your shed may experience continual contraction and expansion. Ensure your storage shed has ventilation on both ends, which can help with heat issues. Air vents promote air circulation and prevent heat from building up within your shed.

Upgrading your roof sheeting with a reflecting heat barrier is another choice. Reflecting the heat off the roof rather than absorbing it through it considerably lowers the structure’s interior temperature in direct sunlight. Of course, insulation and electricity are always options if you truly want to keep your shed cool. You will be able to run air conditioning in your shed.

Painting and Durable Siding

The final components crucial for the longevity of a flat roof shed in Tacoma, WA, are its siding and paint. A building’s frame is weakened by inexpensive siding, which is also more prone to damage and lets moisture into your shed. We use 3/8″ LP SmartSide Wood Panel siding for our storage sheds. This high-quality siding has a warranty and will last for many years.

A decent paint job is also necessary for good wood panel siding. Paint keeps your structure looking great and adds a layer of weather protection. Make sure the paint your shed builder uses is good and will last many years without peeling or chipping.

Over the years, we have learned these crucial elements to maintain a sturdy, durable, and attractive barn shed in Puyallup, WA. The next time you shop for a storage shed, inquire about these matters.


Customize Your Storage Sheds

With South Sound Structures; you can customize sheds according to your requirements. The pricing for it is as follows:


6-panel steel house door$400
Half glass house door$500
All glass house door$550
French doors with grids$1000
Additional windows 24×30″ no grids$100/each
Additional windows 36×36″$200/each
Additional windows 48×36″$350/each
5″ eaves (on barn sheds only)$700
Plastic roof vent$50
Treated ramp$300
6×6 rollup door$1000
8′ roof extension$1600
Concrete padCall for a quote
DormersCall for a quote
DeckCall for quote
Hardie sidingCall for a quote


Final Takeaway

You can always create a tranquil backyard retreat with a garden shed. Whether you enjoy gardening or not, a garden shed has many wonderful advantages for the homeowner. While magnifying the appearance and value of your land, you may store and organize your tools, enhance the general appearance of your garden, and create a secluded area for you and your family. A simple search, such as a shed builder near me in Puyallup, WA, would help you create a list of shed builders in your area. At South Sound Structures, we offer the best to our clients so they remember us for years. Please book an appointment or visit us to make your garden organized and aesthetically pleasing.