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Flat Roof Sheds

See the rustic charm of our Flat Roof sheds! At South Sound Structures, our expert shed builders craft custom barn sheds to elevate your backyard.

Flat Roof Style Sheds

Included in the Modern Flat Roof Shed

Delivery and install are included on all our buildings in our area

Our flat roof shed comes with the following features. More windows and additional features may be added for an additional cost. See our cost calculator.

Paint and caulking are not included. Additional costs may incur if the ground is not level.

Step 1



Let's design your dream shed together! Schedule a consultation with our expert shed builders at South Sound Structures and bring your vision to life.

Step 2



Before we deliver your shed, we meticulously review it to ensure top quality. At South Sound Structures, our custom shed builders prioritize excellence in every detail.

Finish And Installation


Delivery And Installation

We'll handle the delivery of your custom shed! At South Sound Structures, our team of shed builders ensures a smooth and hassle-free delivery process.

Flat Roof Shed Prices


Due to the fluctuating cost of materials, our prices may change. Lock in your price by ordering today!

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Want more windows or custom doors? See what our customers have created with their backyard buildings in the gallery below. Or, check out our custom add-ons, calculate the cost of your custom shed or backyard building, or contact us to discuss what you’d like to build.