How to Select the Right Shed Size As Per Your Needs?

Need a little more space? Having storage sheds built by a shed builder in Tacoma, WA, is a great solution if you need a place to store extra stuff or if you want to create more living space. But, it can be difficult to determine what size shed you need since standard shed sizes vary widely. 

Your yard becomes crowded when it’s too big. Your things cannot be accommodated if it’s a small space. Fortunately, finding the perfect fit is not difficult if you follow some simple guidelines.

What are the Main Storage Shed Sizes?

To choose the right shed size, you should be able to store all the items you plan on storing, move the items around, and plan on buying more items in the future. 

Extra Small & Small

Ideally suited for storing yard tools, sports equipment, lawn mowers, or seasonal decor, this size shed can also be used for storing yard tools. Is there no yard? 

No problem at all! You can build small, high-quality sheds for storage on patios, decks, and any other outdoor space. Small sheds are perfect for storing yard tools and lawn games with limited space. The average size of a small shed is 25 to 40 square feet. The sheds are less than 25 square feet and can easily be moved around the yard.


Medium sheds range from 40 to 75 square feet to accommodate larger items like riding lawn mowers and bicycles. The space they provide is also ideal for storing patio furniture during the winter. It is suitable for backyards with a medium-to-large size.

Extra large & large

Typically, large sheds measure 75 to 100 square feet, so they fit well in backyards with a lot of space. There is even more space in extra-large sheds compared to 100 square feet. Whether you’re storing lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, or other outdoor items, this size is an excellent choice. 

You can use the storage shed as a workshop or recreation area in your yard since it has plenty of space. They can house multiple pieces of large equipment with ease. To ensure the items can pass through the shed doors, measure them and look for a good shed builder near me in Puyallup, WA

How to Choose the Right Shed?

A shed must have a clear purpose

Identifying the shed’s purpose is the first step. Sheds have a number of uses. Buying the right shed would be difficult if you didn’t know what purpose it would serve. It is a misconception that any size shed can serve any purpose. A variety of purposes and sizes are available. 

Suppose you need a shed for starting a workshop, then you obviously need something big need to store supplies, hence a quality shed is a must. It should be large enough to accommodate a few automobiles for repair.

Plan for the future

Are you planning to move soon? The smaller the shed, the easier it will be to transport and assemble. While the larger the shed, the more permanent it will be. Moreover, a small shed has a higher chance of fitting into another yard than a large one.

Still, if you’re not planning on moving or don’t think you’ll need to downsize your yard soon, a large shed may be a smart choice. As you accumulate more items, you can store them or just enjoy the extra space – after all, you never know what space you’ll need in the future. You might decide to store some boxes of items after redecorating if someone in the house develops a new woodworking hobby.

Keep your local laws in mind

The rules and regulations of your locality should also be considered before buying a shed. Every house must meet various standards by the authorities. Follow the standard sizes and materials set by the authority. Don’t forget to follow the rules and consult your local shed builder in Puyallup, WA, when you beautify your house. Don’t break laws just to enhance your house’s appearance.

Yard size

The size of your garden will limit you in terms of the size of the shed you can fit. A small shed will be a valuable addition to your garden if you only have a small patio area or garden to spare. 

A shed with medium furniture, gardening tools, and equipment can make great use of a medium-sized garden. Larger sheds or storage buildings are ideal for gardens with more space. The versatility of dual-entry sheds makes them suitable for gardens with large areas and maximizes access. Thus, choose accordingly.

Final Takeaway 

You now know what to look for and remember as you take the next step forward to buying your first shed. With South Sound Structure, you can be sure that you are getting the best new shed possible that will perfectly fit your needs and requirements. Get started right away with the best shed builder near me in Tacoma, WA.

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