Shed vs. Barn: Choosing the Right Storage Solution for Your Needs

You may be drawn to both storage sheds and barns in Tacoma, WA, thinking they’re more or less the same. While the generalization may be true, one of them may suit your specific requirements better. 

This blog post explores the basics of choosing a barn shed in Tacoma, WA, as an ideal outdoor storage unit in Puyallup, WA, so that you can make an informed decision and achieve a beautiful appearance that complements the architecture and look of your home.

How To Choose A Storage Shed?

Leading shed builders in Puyallup, WA, reveal that the following metrics are optimal in choosing a storage shed,

  1. Size
  2. Material
  3. Style

Top shed builders in Washington, like South Sound Structures, offer the following shed options,

  1. Classic sheds
  2. Barn sheds
  3. Flat roof sheds
  4. Custom sheds

What are the benefits of a storage shed?

  • It improves the look of your yard:

No one wants an old, worn-out storage shed structure in their backyard. A beautiful and skillfully built backyard shed in Puyallup, WA, can be an eye-catcher on your green landscape. Expert shed builders in Tacoma, WAlike South Sound Structures, offer many unique and attractive options to complement and enhance your outdoor landscape.

  • It’s budget-friendly:

Outdoor storage sheds fall into the “budget-friendly” category of long-term storage solutions. Leading shed builders in Tacoma, WA, like South Sound Structures, even offer the ability to customize spacious and flexible storage sheds as per your needs and requirements.

  • It helps declutter your property:

Having a designated storage shed outside your property in Tacoma, WA, can help you sort all the things that don’t belong in the house anymore. You can move any old mess, from power tools to old paraphernalia, out of the home and right into that extra room you now have. 

  • It saves you time and energy. 

If you have more stuff than space, a designated storage shed is one of the best ways to keep organized. With a backyard shed in Puyallup, WA, you could store all the stuff and tools that you need, making it easier to find them if you ever need them. It will also offer protection from traffic, neglect, weathering, and unwanted human touch. 

  • It can boost your property’s value:

If you ever decide to sell your property, an outdoor storage shed in Washington can add great value to it. Leading shed contractors in Tacoma, WA, reveal that it not only looks spectacular but also increases the value of your home. You can also negotiate for a higher price if you invest in a quality shed in Puyallup, WA, that follows all the local regulations and zoning laws. 

  • It can help keep the family safe.

Another point expert shed contractors in Puyallup, WA, warn about is power tools, equipment, and the like being too dangerous for children. After all, the last thing you need your toddler to do is to get his hands around your sharp tools and equipment, outdoor chemicals, or, who knows, to try to ride your motorcycle or lawnmower. Experts further reveal that you can easily store all the dangerous tools in a locked storage shed in Tacoma and nearby Washington areas, keeping your children safe.

  • It offers flexibility:

Expert shed contractors in Puyallup, WA, reveal that outdoor storage sheds in Tacoma, WA, are incredibly flexible. They can be used in a variety of ways, including,

  1. It can be used as a backyard studio or office. 
  2. Custom steel sheds in Puyallup, WA, can be painted with a bright and vibrant color scheme that stands out from the rest of your home.
  3. It can also serve as a yard accent. 
  4. Storage sheds in Tacoma, WA, are equipped with a workbench or enclosed on three sides and can be easily transformed into minibars.

Shed or Barn Outdoor Storage Units: What To Choose?

  • Sheds:

Expert shed builders in Tacoma, WA, reveal the top features to consider while investing in a shed storage unit,

  1. Outdoor shed units in Puyallup, WA, are smaller than barns and suitable for average storage needs.
  2. They’re compact and space-efficient.
  3. They’re an ideal fix for homeowners with smaller storage needs, making them a practical choice for smaller yards and landscapes.
  4. Outdoor sheds in Tacoma, WA, offer aesthetic appeal in residential settings.
  5. They’re more budget-friendly compared to barns.
  6. Very easy and quick to assemble.
  • Barns:

Here are some reasons why homeowners in Puyallup, WA, can invest in barns,

  1. Barn storage units in Tacoma, WA, are spacious with a larger storage capacity(than sheds), great for both commercial and residential uses.
  2. They can have a higher upfront cost due to the larger size and added features.
  3. Ideal for storing large, heavy-duty equipment, tools, and even livestock.
  4. They offer a rustic and traditional farm-style appearance.
  5. Likewise, they can double as a multifunctional space, including a workshop or an animal shelter.
  6. Outdoor barns in Puyallup, WA, are good for homeowners with significant storage needs.

Final Takeaway

If you’re still unsure about which shed option to consider in Tacoma and Puyallup, WA, please get in touch with our expert contractors at South Sound Structures. 

Our expert shed builders in Washington assemble quality, customizable storage sheds, home offices, tiny houses, and backyard buildings throughout South Puget Sound and beyond. We also offer a five-year warranty on all purchases and are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Call us today to learn more!

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