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The best way to increase the property’s value and the shed’s longevity is to position your shed so that it will be accessible and resistant to rot. Irrespective of this factor, whether your shed is old or new, it is important to position it correctly to make the best out of it. This article will guide you towards the importance of shed location and the important factors when choosing a shed location. 


Why Does Shed Location Matter?

The placement of the shed is directly proportional to the longevity of the shed, so it is important to give it a thought before purchasing it. Your main motto should be to get the best shed builder near me in Puyallup WA to guide you about the shed location wisely. It is important to position your shed in the right spot to get the best out of your outdoor plot. The direction of the Sun and house proximity play an important role. Here are a few factors which are necessary to consider when positioning the shed;


Seven things to Consider While Choosing a Shed Location.


Closeness to boundaries

Placing your shed right up against the garden fence can cause problems. Probably it will get on the neighbor’s nerves also. If it is large, it can be considered an illegal act to put it there. 

Certain legislations are related to the positioning of the shed, which can vary from one state to another, so for more information, you can check out certain local laws. It is worth researching before taking the plunge and parting with your cash. 

We also recommend that garden buildings be placed at least a few feet away from any boundary for many other reasons, including the potential need for you to access the front, back, or sides for any reason. Also, ensure water does not soak into the shed’s walls from any surrounding shrubbery. You can search for a custom shed builder in Puyallup, WA, who can help you choose the right shed locations for your property. 


Exposure to the elements

Sheds should be placed within the compass of some other building so that you can protect it from the rain and wind that does come lashing.

Our sheds are specifically designed to withstand heavy batterings from the elements. Placement of the shadow of a surrounding structure can help to give a bit of respite during the storms.


Surrounding shrubbery

Plants and leaves in the immediate proximity of the shed can lead to water absorption issues, so ensure that the garden shed is out of the way of foliage and branches. Many customs shed builders in Tacoma, WA, are available who can provide you with quality services. 

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The proximity of the house

It is a bad idea to place your shed, too close to bushes, right next to the house. Make sure to assess all the downfalls before you decide. If it’s close enough to a source plug, then one possible bonus will be the ability to supply the shed with main power. 


Ground reliability

Whether on wooden plinths or concrete slabs, it should be placed on a certain level base, which is not susceptible to waterlogging or flooding.


Sun direction

If you plan to grow vegetables, you have to search for a position where it can get much sun exposure. A shady location might get too cold during the winter. Make sure to consider these factors before positioning your shed. Many shed builders in Puyallup, WA, are available who can guide you and build your shed according to your needs. 



The final tip relates to ensuring you can get to and inside your shed. It is not easy to move around if you expect to be lugging heavy, bulky items in and out regularly. Keep one thing in your mind; you might have to travel if you are going to be in and out a lot. 


Final Takeaway

In customizing a shed, either you need to hire or have to take suggestions from a working professional who is adept enough to guide you. 

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